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We have allocated two weeks for you to read and comment on the abstracts. The entire review process will occur in the reviewer panel below. Please complete your reviews by Friday March 31st.

After we have assigned your abstracts to you for review, we will notify you by email. Thereafter, when logging in using your username (or email address) you will see a panel that has 3 sub-panels:

If you select ‘Add Review’ for one of the assigned abstracts, a NEW REVIEW sub-panel for that abstract is created containing: author and presenter information, an Attachment link to download the abstract .pdf file and sections for your comments and review decisions. Once your comments and decisions are completed, click the blue ‘Submit Review’ and your job is done.

If for any reason a condition arises that prevents your being able to complete the reviews within two weeks after receiving your assignments, please notify us immediately. If you have any questions please contact us at

Reviewer Panel

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