Cycle helmet safety: global harmonization of consumer information rating schemes

Time and Location

Wednesday, September 20th, 1:00 PM (total time 4.5 hours)
2071 Bainer Hall


Dr. Phil Martin, Transport Research Laboratory, United Kingdom
Dr. David Hynd, Transport Research Laboratory, United Kingdom


Cycle helmets are critical items of personal protective equipment that aim to reduce both the occurrence and severity of head injuries by providing adequate head protection during collisions. The safety performance of a cycle helmet is fundamental to protecting cyclists during a fall or collision; however, very little is known about the relative protective qualities of different cycle helmet models.

To address this issue, a number of research institutes have begun to develop cycle helmet testing and assessment programs to rate the relative safety performance of cycle helmets. These institutes are truly international, with the UK, US, Sweden, Germany, France and Australia all beginning to develop such schemes. To maximize the positive impact of such schemes, the global harmonization of these approaches at an early stage may be beneficial.

This workshop will provide these research institutes with an opportunity to present the latest outcomes of their research, discuss current best practices for testing and assessing cycle helmet safety performance and provide a forum for debating the global harmonization of the various approaches currently being adopted. Finally, the workshop will aim to create a roadmap for achieving a global cycle helmet safety performance consumer information scheme.


Welcome and introductions from the Chair (13:00-13:05)

Consumer testing for helmet safety: What do consumers need from us (13:05-13:25)

Global approaches toward testing cycle helmet safety performance (13:25-14:20)

Global approaches toward assessing cycle helmet safety performance (14:20-15:00)

Coffee & networking break (15:00-15:15, South Kemper patio)

Future-Backwards: Creating a roadmap towards a global cycle helmet safety consumer information scheme (15:15-16:20)

Global harmonization – how hard can it be? (16:20-17:15)

Closing remarks from the Chair (17:15-17:20)