Bike Infrastructure Tour

The City of Davis and UCD have, undoubtedly, the best built bike infrastructure in the country. Examples include:

This has resulted from early (1967) adoption of European concepts, as well as diligent and persistent requirements by the City Council that all intervening development maintain connectivity with that already built. This 2 1/2 hour bike tour early Saturday morning will give an opportunity to see first hand examples of the built infrastructure and even to see some learning opportunities.

Bike Loop Pavement Marking

Exiting the H-J street bicycle tunnel (first one in Davis)

Bike Circle on Campus

You will need to sign up for your preferred departure time at the registration desk by 5 pm Friday. All tours will leave promptly from the US Bicycling Hall of Fame at 3rd and B street.

The tour itinerary is shown below:

CC-BY-SA Copyright Openstreetmap Contributors and Russell Reagan

We will provide all tour participants with an informational map which is also available for download in PDF form.