Special Journal Issue

Although the three page abstracts form the basis for the written record of ICSC activities, a special issue of the Journal of Safety Research is planned to allow archiving of longer papers more fully explaining research activities . This issue will be created after the conference and will contain full length papers based on abstracts which have been submitted to the conference. Its editorial activities will occur through an independent Editorial Board and will be managed by the JSR Managing Editor, K. Porretta. In order to have your contributions considered for publication in this special issue your full length paper must be prepared according to the guidelines below and submitted to JSR by November 15, 2017. Questions regarding this special issue should be directed to katie.porretta@nsc.org.

Information for Contributors-Journal of Safety Research

Electronic Submission of Manuscripts

• Article submission deadline is November 15, 2017.
• Please submit your manuscript through the Journal of Safety Research online submission and review website


• The EVISE website guides authors stepwise through the creation and uploading of the various files. Submission items include a cover letter, a title page, the final manuscript (for papers requiring revisions this means with all reviewer suggestions included), abstract, key words, references (all references must be cited), biographical sketches, tables, figures, and highlights. Files should be labelled with appropriate and descriptive file names (e.g., SmithText.doc, Fig1.eps, Table3.doc). Do not import figures or tables into the text document and do not upload your text as a PDF. Complete instructions for electronic artwork submission can be found in the Guide to Authors
• Authors who are unable to provide an electronic version or have other circumstances that prevent online submission must contact the Editorial Office prior to submission to discuss alternate options: Katie Porretta, Managing Editor, Journal of Safety Research, National Safety Council, 1121 Spring Lake Drive, Itasca, IL USA 60143-3201 (fax 630-285-0242, phone 630-775-2323, e-mail katie.porretta@nsc.org).

General Guidelines:

• Manuscripts must be written in English. Authors should have English editors edit paper prior to submission.
• Prepare manuscripts in accordance with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), Sixth Edition.
• Copyright: The ethical standards of the Journal of Safety Research strictly prohibit an author from submitting a paper that has previously been published or is being considered for publication in another outlet. Violation of this standard will result in refusal of submissions.
• If at any time during the publication process your contact information changes, please update it on the EVISE website.
• Manuscripts must be typed double spaced on standard-sized paper using 11- or 12-point type (use Times Roman or similar font). Include page numbers.
• Organization of material for empirical investigations should follow standard reporting format if possible: “Problem,” “Method,” “Results,” “Discussion,” and “Summary.” We also ask that each author include a section at the end of the manuscript that explains the topic’s “Practical Applications.”
• While there is no specific page or word limit, most papers are between 15-30 pages, double spaced.
• For theoretical discussions or commentaries and literature reviews, appropriate headings should be inserted to provide a general outline of the material.
• Clarity of language and presentation are essential, and care should be taken to avoid unnecessary technical terminology.
• Define all abbreviations.
• An abstract, 250-300 words, should accompany the manuscript. This should summarize the study and include the subheadings “Problem,” “Method,” “Results,” “Discussion,” and “Summary.” It may not be necessary for all subheadings to be included, based on the nature of the manuscript. However, we do require that all authors include a sentence or two on the “Practical Applications” which will be included in the abstract.
• Authors must include five keywords or phrases for indexing.
• Authors must provide highlights.
• A short biographical sketch (4-5 sentences) of each author should also be submitted noting educational background, present and past employment, and research interests.
• Keep a copy of the manuscript for reference.
• The editorial office retains the customary right to style.
• Once your manuscript is accepted for publication, authors must sign a Transfer of Copyright Agreement form. This agreement enables the National Safety Council and Elsevier to protect copyrighted material for you, and does not relinquish your proprietary rights or your rights to use your work as you please in the future. A more complete explanation will be given on the form.
• Permission to reproduce previously published material must be obtained in writing from the copyright holder and acknowledged in the manuscript.
• A proof is sent to the corresponding author from Elsevier for correction, it is important that all of your corrections are sent back to Elsevier in one communication. Subsequent corrections will not be possible, so please ensure your first sending is complete.
• Open Access: This special issue will not be available in Open Access (free access of articles to anyone through Science Direct), but if you’d like your individual article in Open Access, Elsevier offers this option for US$ 2,000 for permanent Open Access. Authors often find this useful to share their study with colleagues. For more information, please see https://www.elsevier.com/journals/journal-of-safety-research/0022-4375/guide-for-authors )


All references must be formatted in accordance with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), Sixth Edition.

For example:
Journal Articles:
Smith, A.B., Adams, K.D., & Jones, L.J. (1992). The hazards of living in a volcano. Journal of Safety Research, 23(1), 81-94.

Perez, A.K., Little, T.H., & Brown, Y.J. (1999). Safety in numbers. Itasca, IL: National Safety Council.

See the APA manual for more detailed instructions.

Tables and Figures:
Complete instructions for electronic artwork submission can be found on the Author Gateway, accessible through the Journal of Safety Research home page. A notation should be made in the text showing approximately where each table or figure should appear (e.g., Insert Table 3 here). When referring to a particular table or figure in the text always use its number.


Editorial Office: Katie Porretta, Managing Editor, Journal of Safety Research, National Safety Council, 1121 Spring Lake Drive, Itasca, IL, USA 60143-3201 (fax 630-285-0242, phone 630-775-2323, e-mail katie.porretta@nsc.org).

Publishing Office: Banupriya Ganeshan, Journal Manager, Elsevier, Global Journals Production (phone +9144 4299 4704; e-mail jsr@elsevier.com).